Success stories

I feel really good that I don't actually want to smoke that much anymore. Not usually. I had a few slips. I got some phone calls from my family that really upset me, and I started smoking again. But the pharmacists at the Clinic Pharmacy helped me get through the rough patches and get back on track.

Right now I'm smoke free and I don't plan on every buying another pack.


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Exceptional support

  • Open Sundays and all holidays
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Customer loyalty program
  • One on one consultations and support
  • Complete line of health care products and aids

Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy can provide the most complete, convenient and professional array of programs, products and services possible.

We care about your health and happiness

Providing the best customer service possible is our driving motivation, and the reason for our long and successful history in Dauphin.

We are also now providing health programming offerings to our customers, including the recent launch of our stop smoking program.

We invite you to sign up for the stop smoking program now!

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